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Inspection & Testing

Regularly scheduled inspection & testing is extremely important to maintaining a working fire sprinkler system to always ensure your property is protected.

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Sprinkler systems will protect lives and property but only if they are properly maintained, inspected and in good working condition. Fire Protection Services can help make sure your systems are working properly. We offers service contracts for all sprinkler systems, fire pumps, backflow preventers, standpipes, and fire hydrants.

Fire Protection Services will provide inspections with the latest NFPA requirements and will provide timely and detailed electronic documentation of your systems inspection. We will make sure to document any deficiencies and provide you with options to get the necessary corrections to your system.

We utilize the Codes and Standards that are laid out by both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and FM Global. Both organizations provide guidelines for inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) procedures to help property owners and representatives take care of their property in an efficient manner. We also perform inspections in accordance with Joint Commission requirements for the facilities that follow their guidelines for compliance.

ITM task frequencies can range anywhere from Daily to 5 years for regularly scheduled inspection & testing, but other intervals of testing for sprinkler heads range to 75 years.

Types of Systems Inspected

  • Wet Sprinkler Systems
  • Antifreeze Systems
  • Dry Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-Action Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Standpipes
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Private Fire Hydrants
  • Post Indicator Valves
  • Fire Extinguishers*
  • Fire Alarms*
Fire Pump Test

What is included during inspections?

For a comprehensive Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Plan, please contact our office. The procedures listed below are a basic overview of the fire sprinkler inspections needed for Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

Annual Inspection

  • All services in Quarterly & Semi-Annual Inspection
  • Inspection of hangers, pipe fittings, sprinklers, info sign
  • Full test of control valves
  • Test anti-freeze solution
  • Inspect standpipe hose cabinets, hoses, hose nozzle
  • Inspect & Test Fire Hydrants
  • Inspect & Test Fire Pump per NFPA No. 25
  • Test Post Indicator Valves

Semi-Annual Inspection

  • All Services in Quarterly Inspection
  • Testing of Vane/Pressure switch devices
  • Test Valve Supervisory Switches
  • Test Monitor Nozzles (if applicable)
  • Operate Manual start of electric Fire Pump

Quarterly Inspection

  • Inspect waterflow alarm & supervisory signal devices
  • Inspection of Fire Department Connections
  • Inspection of gauges & hydraulic name plates
  • Test Mechanical Waterflow Alarm Device (water gong)
  • Test priming water for dry, pre-action, & deluge systems
  • Cleaning of Fire Pump components
How often do I need Fire Sprinkler Inspections?

The frequency of inspection will depend on the Authority Having Jurisdiction, but in general, most AHJs require at minimum an annual inspection. This will be for most office buildings, warehouses, churches, mixed use facilities, etc. However, facilities such as hospitals, medical clinics, assisted living facilities, surgery centers, educational facilities, etc. will typically be required to have their fire sprinkler systems inspected quarterly.

In addition to the annual inspection and testing, there are additional frequencies such as daily, weekly, and monthly procedures that should be performed by on-site personnel. Fire Protection Services also provides 3-year and 5-year inspections as needed.

How much do Fire Sprinkler Inspections cost?

The cost of your fire sprinkler inspections will be based off of the type and number of sprinkler systems and other components that need to be inspected.

We offer a FREE Consultation for your inspections where we will visit with you on-site and get a total count of each type of fire sprinkler system risers / zone controls, backflows, hydrants, standpipes, and fire pumps.

Contact us or fill out the form below for a quote for the inspections at your property.

What inspections do I need at my property?

Fire Protection Services offers a FREE On-Site Property Assessment to help you identify exactly what needs to be inspected. We work with you to identify the best plan to fit your facility’s needs.

Do you test Fire Alarms*?

*Currently, our company does not inspect and test fire alarm systems, but we do partner with a local fire alarm contractor to provide inspection, testing, and service through our relationship because we believe it is important to be able to offer this service as a resource for our customers without having to make several calls to multiple contractors.

Do you inspect Fire Extinguishers*?

*Currently, our company does not inspect and service fire extinguishers, but we do partner with a local fire extinguisher contractor to provide inspection, testing, and service through our relationship because we believe it is important to be able to offer this service as a resource for our customers without having to make several calls to multiple contractors.

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