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Wichita, KS – August 18, 2023

Fire Protection Services has been recognized by Avetta with the 2023 Safety Star Award!

Fire Protection Services LLC has worked hard over the years to prioritize safety in the field of fire protection. FPS has received recognition for our unwavering dedication to fostering a secure work environment.

As a leading provider of fire protection services, Fire Protection Services LLC has consistently prioritized safety as an integral part of its operations. This commitment to cultivating a culture of safety has not only enhanced their own organizational framework but has also positively influenced the Greater Wichita metro.

Fire Protection Services LLC has demonstrated a commitment to developing a safe culture and model for success we hope other Suppliers in the Avetta network will seek to emulate.

Avetta is proud to partner with Fire Protection Services in improving supply chain performance and lowering risk.

About Avetta

Avetta LLC is a prominent provider of supply chain risk management solutions. With a global reach, Avetta assists organizations in building resilient and sustainable supply chains by offering a platform that enables them to assess and mitigate potential risks related to their suppliers and contractors. By streamlining the compliance and qualification processes, Avetta aims to enhance workplace safety, sustainability, and overall operational efficiency for its clientele.

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