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Corrosion is one of the most common issue and biggest hot button topic with fire sprinkler systems. Recently there has been an increasing amount of conversation on life expectancy of fire sprinkler systems and pipe deterioration. Luckily, Fire Protection Services offers corrosion mitigation and solutions to protect your fire sprinkler systems and your property.

Whether the sprinkler systems are wet, dry, or pre-action; corrosion occurs in all types of sprinkler systems. Fire Protection Services leads the charge in corrosion solutions for all types of fire sprinkler systems. We help customers with this unfortunate condition by implementing mitigation options as well as providing alternative options to full pipe replacements.

Replacing sprinkler systems in existing buildings can be very costly and disruptive. Fire Protection Services provides solutions to prevent, mitigate and treat corrosion in sprinkler systems. Call or email us to find out which of these solutions are right for you and your property.

As you can see below, fire sprinkler corrosion can cause major damage to the internal condition and functioning of your system. Imagine that the sprinkler head that needs to go off to put out a fire is attached to the bottom this piece of pipe. You can see that there is no possible way water could get through this amount of build up. This is exactly why Internal Inspections should be done at every 5-year intervals.

Tips to Mitigate Corrosion

  • Have regular inspections performed on your fire sprinkler system
  • Identify areas that are at a higher risk of corrosion (high moisture areas, temperature fluctuations, etc.)
  • Add a Nitrogen Generation System to your Dry or Pre-Action System
  • Drain low point / drum drip drains on Dry and Pre-Action Systems regularly to reduce internal corrosion

Concerned about Corrosion?